Information for Prospective Tenants (Students)

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply for accommodation?

You are if you're a full-time student, over 18, and on a course that lasts for the full academic year (to at least May 2023). If you're applying to rent a property (rather than a room) these conditions apply to all applicants.

What is/isn't included in the rent?

The rent includes fast broadband & WiFi (350mbps Virgin Media/O²), but not other utilities (the properties have pre-payment meters). In 2021/22, these charges averaged £10 - £12 per person, per week, but current trends mean that these may increase to about £15.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

The deposit is one month's rent. It'll be lodged, as legally required, with My Deposits Scotland throughout your tenancy.

What is provided at the property?

Each bedroom has a lockable door and is furnished with: a bed (single unless otherwise specified); a chest of drawers; a wardrobe; a desk and chair; and a bookcase. All bathrooms have a shower and, if specified, a bath. Kitchens have a microwave, and crockery/cutlery etc is provided. All properties have central heating, wireless internet and a washing machine.

Will I have to pay Council Tax?

As long as you're a full-time student on a "recognised course at a UK University or College of Further/Higher Education", you'll be eligible for exemption from Council Tax for the duration of your course.

You're advised, before reserving accommodation, to confirm that you'll be classified as a full-time student (part-time students aren't exempt) on a "recognised course". If you aren't exempted from Council Tax for any period of your tenancy, you'll be liable for the unexempted period.

Information about the criteria for student exemption is available here.

What are you looking for in a prospective tenants?

If you're applying to rent a room, people who are are positive about sharing a flat with two or three people they haven't met before, and who are unconcerned about the race, religion or sexual orientation of their flatmates. 

In all cases, people who'll be considerate to other occupiers and to their neighbours at all times. If you're looking for a 'party flat' then one of ours isn't for you.

If I'm applying to rent a room, who will my flatmates be?

Full time students! If any rooms are left after you reserve one, we'll try to accommodate any preference for the gender of your flatmates.

Am I allowed overnight guests/to share the property with my partner?

As our properties are licensed as HMOs, it is illegal for them to be occupied by more than the licensed number of occupiers. Only occasional overnight guests are allowed - your flatmates have agreed to share the property with you, not with you and your friends.

Is smoking allowed?

If the property is let on individual tenancies, smoking isn't allowed in the shared parts.

There may be a charge at the end of the tenancy if there's a smell of smoke and/or if smoke has discoloured the paintwork.

Can I arrange a viewing?

Yes - contact us here

Can I reserve a room without a viewing?

Yes - by paying a deposit of one month's rent.

If you'd like to reserve a room, contact us here

We're licensed as landlords by the City of Edinburgh Council - our reference numbers are 72246/230/18510 & 40876/230/18510. There's a list of our licensed properties here.