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101/4 Sighthill Loan 


External safety inspections etc; mainly annual, some longer:

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

5-yearly safety check of the electrical system, wiring etc.

Valid to Apr/27

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

10-yearly energy efficiency report.


Valid to Mar/33

Emergency Lighting

Annual certified check of emergency exit lighting. 

Valid to Mar/25

Fire Alarm

Annual inspection report.

Valid to Mar/25

Fire Blanket & Extinguisher

Annual inspection report.

Valid to Mar/25

Gas Safety

There is no gas installation

at this property




House in Multiple Occupation - Edinburgh Council licence.

Valid to Jul/26 *

Portable Appliance Test


Annual certified check of electrical appliances supplied by us. **

Valid to Mar/25

* any 'expired' HMO licence is in the process of renewal, waiting on Edinburgh Council to issue new certificate

** items omitted from PAT may be recent purchases - receipts available if required

Product Manuals and Guides

Manuals for appliances installed in the flat etc (let us know if anything is missing or out of date):


User Guide

Beko ADC5422AW

Fire Alarm

User Guide (Section 3 onwards)

Fire Alarm Test Log

Test & Maintenance Log (blank)

Electric Radiators

User Guide

Sun Ray RF 

Electric Radiators Remote

User Guide (ignore power meter sections) Internet App Gateway  


User Guide

Beko CFP1675DW


User Instructions

Hotpoint FDD9640G - Sep-19


Tenant Info Packs etc (let us know if anything is missing or out of date):

Website page

Info for this flat last time posted (prices etc may be out of date)

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